Vegan & Organic


Savour offers an epicurean range of award-winning, organic, plant-based, cultured cashew cheeses and butter. Rich in flavour, protein and probiotics, they are sure to satisfy any cheese connoisseur.


Savour supports the movement towards a plant based diet for health, environmental and ethical reasons. My mission is simply to produce delectable and tempting plant based foods.

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Epicurean Delight

Sure to satisfy the vegan cheese connoisseur, Savour is a range of firm, organic cultured non-dairy nut cheeses rich in protein and probiotics. Each nut cheese is individually crafted and aged in a cheese cave by an artisan cheesemaker. Savour cheeses deliver on flavour, making them the perfect addition to any cheese board, accompanied by your favourite wine and crackers.


Our plant based vegan butter and award winning feta (Casheta)


decadent + smooth

A melt-in-the-mouth vegan butter derived from cultured cashews and a blend of organic oils. Delicious to use on its own, as a spread or in baking and cooking.


rich + herbacious

This award-winning cashew nut cheese has the tang of a good feta. Marinated in an olive oil and herb infusion, this cheese has a real melt-in-the-mouth quality.


Our vegan boxed cheese range


activated + layered

An aged cashew cheese reminiscent of a smoked cheddar, coated and layered in activated ash for a dramatic appearance on your cheese board. Definitely one to impress.


smoked + spicy

An aged cheese made from cashew nuts. Flavoured with New Zealand grown, manuka cold-smoked jalapeño chilies. Each round is finished with a generous dusting of Sweet Paprika.


toasted + fragrant

An aged cashew nut cheese, delicately flavoured with cumin and pepper which have been gently toasted to release their aromatic qualities. This cheese is then encrusted with Toasted Cracked Pepper and Nigella seeds (Black Cumin).


bare + pure

An aged cashew cheese. Simple, classic, yet delivers on flavour. Our most versatile cheese which can be used in endless flavour combinations.


The process (in a nutshell)

Each cheese starts life as a thick nut milk of cashews activated in filtered water, to which a vegan probiotic is added. It is then left to ferment until the right acidity level is reached. The mixture is then given its character with flavourings and moulded into rounds. It is then left to age in a cheese cave to mature and develop its depth of flavour.